Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snow Crab in My Mouth

In general I'm a bit skeptical about eating sushi in Indonesia, especially when we're talking about the raw fish sushi. But my family wanted to go so I went along with them to Sushi Hana in Surabaya. We went on a weeknight so they were not that busy, also still had some customers.

There were six of us and each of us put in a request to order, including some tuna sashimi salad, which was pretty good - full of rich mayo-based sauce. We also had more basic rolls like Philadelphia roll and Rainbow roll, which were not bad (they tasted pretty standard, hey I'm used to LA sushi).

The surprisingly good roll though was this snow crab roll! It was called the Snow Crab Narudo (thx Stef for getting me the name!)Wrapped in fresh cucumber, the roll doesn't contain any rice - yes the pink stuff you see in place of the rice is fresh snow crab meat! And the crab meat was surprisingly fresh and delicious. Wrapped in cucumbers, this roll was very refreshing. Since there's no rice to fill you up with you really end up wanting more.
We ended up getting two orders of this.

I think it's worth it to come here just for this roll alone, and maybe one of their either tuna or crab sashimi salad. The rest of it though, I must say, is not bad at all. Again, can't beat LA's finest, but comparable to standard sushi places. They do have toro sashimi plate for about $11 if you convert it to US currency, but I was too afraid I would be disappointed so I didn't get it even though by our standards it was really cheap :(

Sushi Hana
Jln Dr Soetomo 97E


adevv said...

So how much does it cost approximately, for two persons? I've been wanting to go there. Next week's my birthday :) Will take a few friends there if the price is not over the top. Thanks in advance.

gourmetpigs said...

hi adevv, so so sorry for the late reply I just realized I didn't set it to email me when someone comments >_<
But anyway I don't remember exactly how much it cost us but it was pretty reasonable.
Less than Rp 100,000 unless you order like toro and such ..