Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sopas and More

It was our last night in Ayacucho, and we were all super tired. We were planning to go out and have dinner and hit the town, but it ended up not happening. So we all decided to just eat at our hotel instead. We've actually never really done this except for the daily morning breakfast buffet. But I was actually quite looking forward to it! (Since we pretty much hit all the good places in town anyway?Maybe, maybe ...)

I saw someone eating the Sopa Criolla before, and I just had to order it this time:It is glass noodles in the 'creole' soup (which was like a yellow curry), topped with ... a slice of bread and a fried egg!! By the end about half of the table ordered this :)
It was really flavorful and delish~. I didn't dig the bread that much, but that egg really made the dish in my opinion! Mmm .. now I'm craving it, wonder where in LA I can get this :/

They also serve up some delicious plaintains. This was pretty much our dessert ;)
Someone got these potato slices with cheese, and some type of creamy sauce (?) on top:
I didn't get to try this, but according to this family, it was just amazing.

As far as vegetarian options go, they also have the vegetable tortila:
It really looks more like an omelette in my opinion ... but don't those fries look good?

Now that we know how good the hotel food really is, if/when we come back for the mission trip in Ayacucho, we'll probably end up eating here more often :) Convenience factor is a plus, too.

Santa Rosa Hotel
Jr. Lima No. 166
Ayacucho, Peru

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Mark by Chocolate said...

Ah, Kim loves fried Plátano. Especially, Plátano Maduro. We found a great place in Poughkeepsie that does it right with great soup. I'll have to go back, take pictures and do a write up.

Gick. If I hadn't already eaten some of my organic granola with Greek yogurt, not my own, still no yogurt maker, I'd be drooling. :-)